Projects and works 


Elements of time

Elements of Time focuses on architectural fragments of time. I examine the ornamentation in architecture through the ages, piece by piece, building for building. 
It is space, time and place transformed into soft elements.  A place from elsewhere, with ornaments of the past, as a place for here and now. For the first time you can sit on a baroque ceiling or touch a casette from the Neoclassicism.


Gates of paradise

In 1921 the then director of the Royal Academy of Art bought a copy of the world famous ‘Porta del Paradiso’ doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455). These plaster doors formed the start of Nynke Koster’s graduation collection Coexist. (2013)  



The Coexist pieces consists out of 5 object which are derived from copying various locations in my old school; The Royal Academy of Art. The negative forms of this copies get a new identity and together form my graduation project Coexist. 



Molded from the fingers of the descendants of African American slaves, I have created a work in remembrance of their ancestors. Stretching the full length of the gallery, the rug-like panel consists of cast rubber fingers reaching out, giving the appearance of coming out of the ground, and thereby calling attention to their burial plots. In this way, I aim to recognize our mutual past and remember those who have gone before us.



palace of soestdijk

Works for the royal Dutch palace of Soestdijk (2016), The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2017) and others. 


Neoclassism II 



Furniture pieces

Because of my background and love for furniture design I created some special pieces. They have been part of exhibitions at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Salone del Mobile in Milan and at Wanted in NYC. In my opinion a chair or a cabinet can be a piece of art too, 






commissioned by Beelden in Leiden (Sculptures in Leiden) I have created my first work outside and in the public space.

Oranda NO kakehashi

Invited by the Tokyo Teien Art Museum in Japan I created a site specific work. For 5 weeks I worked inside the museum to create the piece Oranda on Kakehashi