Elements of time


Elements of Time focuses on architectural fragments of time. I examine the ornamentation in architecture through the ages,
piece by piece, building for building. It is space, time and place transformed into soft elements.  A place from elsewhere, with ornaments of the past, as a place for here and now. Coexist, but also to give a new identity to the existing world surrounding us. For the first time you can sit on a Baroque ceiling or touch a casette from the Neoclassicism.



The casts are all based on Dutch architecture. There are four different architectural styles translated into objects; Baroque, Am1800, Art Nouveau and Neoclassism. The Baroque comes from a stately home along the Keizersgracht, the famous cannel in Amsterdam. Am1800 with its pelikanornamentation I have copied out of the tempel, a former bank building in The Hague. Art Nouveau dragonflies are from a beautiful Amsterdam building too. In Hilversum I took a cast of the Neoclassical cassette ceiling. 


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