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Recently I was commissioned to create new art pieces for four suites of the famous design hotel; the LLOYD Hotel in Amsterdam.
I casted several piaces of the facade in rubber and transformed these into new works for four suites. So if you are in need of a hotel In Amsterdam or you just want to wake up with my works and a lot of rubber then book room 401, 524, 602 of 607 at this amazing hotel.

LLOYD is a unique historic building that opened in 1921 on the Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam. Architect Evert Breman designed an eclectic building, in which all kinds of architectural styles are mixed. The symmetrical building served primarily as a hotel for emigrants. Large groups of (Eastern) Europeans departed from the Royal Lloyd Hotel onwards to South America. When, in 1935, the Royal Lloyd goes bankrupt, the building is taken into use by the Municipality of Amsterdam. After this, the building has had many different functions: as a shelter for refugees, a German prison, house of detention (for adults and later also for minors) and in the 90s it served a more artistic purpose: as artists studio’s.

The hotel, reopened in 2004, has a unique position in addition to a unique history within the hotel world.  Besides its role as a hotel, LLOYD is a place that is open to cultural events and collaborations. This is expressed through the unique designed rooms, collaborations with major festivals, literature, art and  music events.

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