Fragments of time - furniture pieces

Despite my graduation in furniture design (2013), the last three years my work has spread in the world of design but even more in the world of visual art.  I am working with two galleries at the moment and my work has been shown at art shows such as Art Rotterdam and Art Basel Miami. 

I feel at home in the world of art but I do not want to lose my love for the furniture. Thats why last Salone del Mobile in Milan (april 2017) I presented my new collection ‘Fragments of Time' at Ventura Lambrate. For the first time I presented furniture pieces! The black Ghiberti chair, a small hanging Art Nouveau cupboardand a standing version of this cupboard in black with 8 special doors. The pieces give my concept a broader perspective on applied art. 


Art Nouveau cupboard

I have translated the cast of an Art Nouveau ceiling in 8 special rubber doors hanging in wooden frame. The rubber doors are poured around the corner and when a door is opens, the rubber folds in the cabinet. Slowly the Libelle ornament unfolds and through the movement it seems to fly a little. The steel high legs emphasize the style of the Art Nouveau style. The cabinet is the strongest in the middle of the space because of it stand-alone character. i.



Ornaments are in most cases characterized by styling, a repetitive motif and symmetry

Aesthetically, this cabinet has all aspects of the translation of the ornament; Ornaments are in most cases characterized by styling, a repetitive motif and symmetry. For example, they can aim to raise awareness of the observer, or to give thoughts or a certain feeling. Just by applying the ornamentation on the doors, people get a broader perspective in my work and they see opportunities from applications of their history/ memory translated into an object. I see this object as a relief shrine where special personal things can be stored. The object is made in collaboration with a crafted furniture maker Joris Jansens. The edition of the Art Nouveau cupboard is 8 pieces.