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space is my mold



space is my mold

Space is my mold

The work of Nynke Koster balances on the border between design and autonomous art. Her work is about rubber and space.
She finds these molds in unique spaces in structures of buildings, interiors and bodies. She takes parts of these embracing places with her as her 3D memories'. Because of here love for craftmenship each work is an unique and personal object. With a special created rubber Nynke can cast about everything without harming the surface. It is to connect to a place, take it with me and giving it back to others'. The wonder of the history of places takes things literally closer. The traces of men live on for years. Nynke wants to pass these tangible and immaterial relics from the past on to future generations. ‘In this volatile society we sometimes forget to keep looking around us’. Places from the past can give us a new perspective on the future. By translating these places into contemporary new materials, I bring my view of history and show this in the world of visual art and design’.

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Post Modern presentation at The KunstRai Amsterdam 2019

Post Modern presentation at The KunstRai Amsterdam 2019

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Nynke Koster for the Post Modern Collection

A growing collection of postcard sized artworks, created by renowned artists and designers. These collector’s items have been made exclusively for the Post Modern Collection.

Objecten in ruimte.jpg

The Elements of time

A collection of soft rubber objects based on architectural ornaments

LP21 otherside.jpg

New object LP21

Khepri Beelden in Leiden foto alexander van der meij.jpg


My first work in the public space


The townhall of Hilversum by Dudok

One of my favorite buildings casted in rubber


New works for Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

4 suites in the famous Lloyd hotel with special new works

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Nynke Koster

+31 641060238

De Besturing
Saturnusstraat 91 5D
2516AG Den Haag
The Netherlands


TORCH gallery
Lauriergracht 94
1016 RN Amsterdam
The Netherlands


298 Grandstreet
New York, NY 10002
United States of America



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