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First work in the public space

When I got the commission to create a sculpture for Beelden in Leiden I visited the Rijksmuseum of Oudheden (RMO) a number of times and got in touch with their mysterious Scarab amulets. As a child I was obsessed with this beautiful dung beetle. Dualism and renewal I investigated through the symbolism of Khepri, the mythological Egyptian god-beetle that embodies eternal life and constant transformation. A symbol of resurrection and protection. Egyptologists have never discovered a specific cult center to Khepri, but he has been worshiped in Heliopolis, a center of the sun god.
With this object I honor the rising sun. As a sundial and as a cult center for the here and now.
"The dung beetle or scarab symbolized the sun because the ancient Egyptians saw a connection between the dung beetle that rolled the dung into a ball and Khepri who let the sun roll up to bring the dawn every day and its light shine on the earth."

Because of my connection with the dung beetle and the RMO the museum asked me to create a special Element of time for their collection. On view in the Rijksmuseum of Oudheden.

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